Dove Winters

Dove Winters is an author, wife, and mother from Nebraska. Throughout her life she could always be found with a notebook and a pen, always working on some new story, usually with horses in them. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with family, baking, and searching for new music to inspire her.

Ember of the Planet (Ember’s Journey Book 1)

Ember of the Planet (Ember’s Journey Book 1)

Series: Ember's Journey, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy (Classic)
Tag: Book Expo

The planet Otera has been struck a killing blow by the Pathfinder, an evil man set on ruling the world. But the planet has chosen a savior in eighteen-year-old Ember Oheada. Thrust into a world she doesn't yet understand and separated from all those she loves, Ember must learn to wield the planet's ...

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