Author Interviews with Kori D. Miller

During the B2BCyCon, Kori “marathon interviewed” a collection of authors.

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Kori D. Miller

Ten Things About Kori

Kori D. Miller Picture by Marc Longbrake Photography

  1. I love helping people figure things out and make connections.
  2. If you bring up martial arts, expect us to be talking for a while.
  3. I like the idea of gardening and landscaping more than the execution.
  4. I’m an introvert and a bit shy. Strike up a conversation. I like that.
  5. Tell me about you. I like to listen to people’s stories.
  6. If you like white popcorn, then we’ll become fast friends.
  7. Debating is fun, but finding common ground is more satisfying.
  8. Don’t bring up tea unless you have time to kill.
  9. I’m always on the look out for people who want ARCs of my books.
  10. Giving is a need, not a want.


In my former career as a training & development specialist, I was known as “Keen Kori.”

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Why the Back Porch Writer?

It all started because I wanted to become a better writer, learn more about publishing, and to connect with other authors on a similar path. I live with my family in the country, about thirty minutes from Omaha, Ne and an hour from Lincoln, NE. The closest town is about five minutes from me, and is roughly 25k people (not including the surrounding area — that would bump it to about 35K, I think.) Since I couldn’t attend conferences and workshops (because of other commitments) I thought hosting a podcast would be a great alternative. I love giving authors a platform to tell people about themselves, their books, and their journey.

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