Here you can find all the contests happening and locate any of the giveaways! Cover Wars hosted by Angela B. Chrysler First Place… About the Author Laurie Wetzel is the author of the Unclaimed Series. Author. Wife. Mother. Survivor. Official Site Ignited (Unlcaimed Book #1) After surviving an attack from a demon that killed her

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New Site Launched

*Phew* 13 April 2016… The 2016 #B2BCyCon ended on 10 April 2016. After sleeping for two days (yes… two days), I started collecting data from the surveys and applying the feedback. So here it is… almost… The posts are “naked” and require a LOT of TLC! Please pardon our pixels! We’re doing everything we can

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Live Coverage

Live with Joe Compton and #GoIndieNow Okay, so Joe isn’t live anymore. We finally let him sleep after 72-hours of continuous live coverage. But the videos are all here! Catch what you may have missed! Joe Compton Writing has always been a passion. Published in his school anthology at an early age, Joe was able

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