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Under Earth with Angela B. Chrysler

Visit Under Earth

There is still magic in this world, if only you dare to see. Deep beneath the ground lies Under Earth where all beings of magic play. They live and breathe and die…and sometimes, they go to war. Within those rolling hills of spells is a secret cave: The Book Cave. It is there that magic is born. SUBSCRIBE to the Book Cave and discover the magic that is undiscovered authors.

An Angell’s Life Bookish Blog with Heidi Angell

An Angell’s Life is all about bookish goodness! Author interviews, book reviews, character spotlights, book unboxings and awesome bookish event notifications is what you will get from An Angell’s Life Bookish Goodness. Heidi posts daily, or you can subscribe for a weekly recap delivered on Fridays so you can start your weekend off right! SUBSCRIBE


Ramblings of an Author with Timothy Bateson

Timothy Bateson is an urban fantasy author, with several short stories published in anthologies and over on Amazon. His blog, Ramblings of an Author, is his way of supporting his fellow indie authors, through book spotlights, author interviews, book release news, and more.
On occasion, Bateson posts behind-the-scenes information about the “Shadows Over Seattle” series, which is an urban fantasy series he is co-writing with his wife Sandi. You can also get news about all the events that Bateson takes part in, from podcasts, to the yearly Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, as well as his weekly quote posts.
Ramblings of an Author has two weekly posts, Midweek Mumbles (random stuff from Bateson’s over-worked brain), and Someone Else’s Words (a quote from someone famous), as well as additional posts in support of the indie authors. SUBSCRIBE


Lone Horse Spirit with Ani H. Manjikian

An eclectic collection of thoughts and ideas that highlights my thoughts on writing and the technology that I use to do it. It also promotes other authors through its Meet A Writer section. SUBSCRIBE


Bathory’s Closet

The intention of this sacred space is to act as a sounding board for my musings on horror, fantasy, myth, adventure, the occasional romance, and most especially, anything and everything having to do with vampires. Things under review here will be novels, short fiction, film (hope you like subtitles!), tv, video games, etc. etc. ad nauseum, as they pass through my psyche. I may not view the most up to date releases and titles–you certainly won’t find the whole of the year’s bestseller lists covered here–but rather a tightly knit family of creativity united by common themes of awesomeness. And, as is par for the course at this stage in my life, it will be one of many vessels through which my own powers of fiction are honed. You will be privy to my innermost thoughts about works in progress, both long and short. VISIT


RAZE – an Epic Fantasy Web Serial

RAZE is a grim, character-driven web serial that will appeal to readers of Robin Hobb and Joe Abercrombie.

He was born Heshim il-Naban, the child of poor poppy farmers in an unforgiving country. He became RAZE, the greatest warrior the world has ever known, but he tells his story from a cell where he awaits his execution at the hands of the woman he loves. What no one knows is that it’s a cell he chose; a cell in which he waits.

Young Heshim’s life changed the day the knife-winds blew up from the south, carving apart those unlucky enough to find themselves without shelter or warning. Forced into military service as little more than a child by a brutal invading empire, young Heshim learned harsh lessons at the hands of the manipulative Captain de Trastorces and the mysterious lacquer-faced woman, Weckar, who seemed to control the wind itself. Raze tells how, without options, he survived by joining the ones who captured him. As he climbed their ranks, however, rivals emerged from amongst the other conscripts, and Heshim’s quest to forget his old life and prove himself to his new masters became a fight for survival itself.

“Yesterday, I was the world’s greatest warrior. Long ago, I was a child soldier. I was a pirate, a mercenary, an opium lord, a mage-hunter. Today I am a prisoner, but this, at least, I have chosen.” VISIT

Donald Firesmith’s Blog

Donald Firesmith’s Blog includes book reviews, author and character interviews, and news about the current books he is writing.

Firesmith’s Speculative Fiction Newsletter


Ame Terra
Libro Illustrato by Kyra

Weird and witty book reviews, travel addict photography and random writer rants

Book reviews of Indie authors (prefer authors with less than 25 reviews. All genres. Audiobooks and podcasts too.) Rights to any of my photos for the purpose of Indie author covers, marketing, etc.

Buried Ladies

I’m a marketing professor and digital marketing expert, as well as an author of mystery novels. I share reviews and marketing advice to authors, along with stuff about my own books

Having Faith Book Blog


Kathleen Pooler

3.Memoir Writer’s Journey
4. Sharing hope one story at a time. Memoir writing tips, book promos, guest posts , book giveaways offered weekly.

Angie Hausman

2 –
3 – Buried Ladies
4 – I offer tips and tricks for book marketing (I’m a marketing professor by day) and interviews/ reviews with authors. I’m always looking for good material to share.
5 – book promos, book marketing tips

Ashley Nestler

2 –
3 – Peachy Keen Reviews
4 – A blog dedicated to book reviews, author promos, and writing/publishing assistance.
5 – Book reviews, blog tours, author interviews, publishing/writing assistance, book promos
6 –  I also own Literary Vacation Club, a monthly book subscription that features indie authors, and I promote authors through that by sending out marketing swag along with the chosen books. ”

Mackenzie Flohr


Your blog URL: https://mackenzieflohrblog.wordpress….

The name of your blog (if you have one): Mackenzie Flohr’s Author Blog

A short description that sells your blog to potential authors: I review indie books and offer author interviews to indie and small press authors, as well as keep everyone up-to-date with my latest releases

Any events/services you are offer authors:

I’m always happy to help a fellow author out. Email me if you would like to be featured on my blog. I can do an author interview, cover reveal, book review, help CoPromote you on various social media, etc.


I can post book news, releases, covers, etc. No erotic or adult. Mystery to horror, sci fi, welcome. Chris Verstraete,



Renee’s Author Spotlight with Renee Scattergood

VISIT http://reneesauthorspotlight.blogspot

I offer author spotlights to indie and small press authors.

Any events/services you are offer authors: You can do spotlights for new releases, cover reveals and just about any other reason for promotion you can think of. You can have one feature in each spotlight, which is an excerpt, guest post, author interview, character interview, or a short story that involves the characters in your book.

I also have a listing for books that are permafree on InstaFreebie.


Desiree A. Cox

2 – http://wouldyoulikeabookwithyourwine….
3 – Would You Like A Book With Your Wine?
4 – Looking for your next 18+ smexy read? You’ll find reviews, release details, spotlights, tour info, and some amazing cover reveals for some of the hottest adult reads. You’ll find mostly romance genres, but anything that’s 18+ is welcome!
5 – Erotica/erotic romance is always welcome! If you have a tour, spotlight or book info to share, feel free to PM me at my blog on FB. I’m an author, too, but I’ll do whatever I can to help fellow authors.…


J. Lynn Else

2 –
3 – J. Lynn’s author blog… of awesome!
4 – The musings of an author, avid reader, tea sipper, and nerdy mom. Topics range from my favorite historical fiction books to reviews of the latest Star Wars movie.
5 – Wanna talk? I’m happy to host author interviews, participate in book blasts, and help promote the fellow Indie author/book. My blog is all about the awesome. Special emphasis on books genres historical fiction, fantasy, and sci fi. No erotica please. Author interviews are also posted on my website at:…”


Toi Thomas

2 –
3 – The ToiBox of Words
4 – A place for all things geek and the of love books. Author interviews, book and movie reviews, and more.
5 – I interview authors and like to participate in blog hops and virtual book tours.”

Aarti Patel 2 – 3 – D2 Books Blog 4 – A new blog that explores the strength and courage of the individual in today’s society while discussing books. Let’s not allow ourselves to become endangered or extinct, let’s stand up for the unique individual in each of us instead. 5 – I do book reviews for authors/publishers, and am open to author interviews occasionally


A. F. Stewart

2 –
3 – Are You Afraid of the Dark?
4 – A book blog focusing on authors and books in the genres of horror, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller and crime.
5 – The blog offers book spotlights, guest posts and author interviews. Interested authors can check out the posted guidelines.”

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