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New Site Launched

*Phew* 13 April 2016… The 2016 #B2BCyCon ended on 10 April 2016. After sleeping for two days (yes… two days), I started collecting data from the surveys and applying the feedback. So here it is… almost… The posts are “naked” and require a LOT of TLC! Please pardon our pixels! We’re doing everything we can

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Facebook Events: How-To

With Facebook being the number #1 preferred social media platform available, it is a shame to miss out. But how can an author make Facebook effectively work for their writing career? This is where “Takeovers” come in. Prior to Takeovers, authors couldn’t say much more than “like my Facebook page.” But to what end? Some

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About Brain to Books Brain to Books was founded in October 2014 by Angela B. Chrysler in an effort to help others learn the ins and outs of marketing and publishing. Today, under the Brain to Books name, Ms. Chrysler hosts events, provides classes, and offers website consultation to new and rising authors. Become a

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