Featured Spotlight

Welcome to our Featured Spotlight.

Brain to Books honors the authors who made CyCon possible.



Angela B. Chrysler

(The author who thought up this shindig)

Ani H. Manjikian

(The author who made sure the websites ran right while releasing her newest book)

Heidi Angell

(The author who taught us how to sell our books)

Louis Rakovich

(The author who can designs graphics as well as he writes)

Kylie Jude

(The author who built the trailer video while organizing the Science Fiction authors)

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A.F. Stewart

(The author who built the Author Showcase and organized Horror while writing a bit of her own)

Karina Kantas

(The author who organized the Motorcycle showcase)

Richard Mulder

(The author who founded SciFan Magazine then organized the Science Fantasy and LitRPG authors)

Timothy Bateson

(The American author with a London accent who organized the Fantasy authors while getting his US citizenship)

Jodie Pierce

(The Author who built the Blog Hops)

Ashley Nestler

(The Author who built the Character Tournaments)


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Deepest thanks goes to Angela Dukes who formed, ran, and operated our Customer Service Department despite the full time job and family emergency.








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