Help! I’m lost!

Not a problem. 🙂 This is the post where I hand you a map and show you everywhere it is you can go!

Select your question and we’ll take you to your answer. (Links coming soon)

  • What is this place?
  • Just show me everything happening this weekend.
  • Just show me what’s happening today only please.
  • Just show me the events related only to the genre(s) I love.
  • I want to help!
  • I am an author and want to participate.
  • I’m a new author and have no clue what I’m doing with this.
  • I’m a blogger and want to participate.
  • How is this organized?
  • What is this place?

This is a Cyber Convention. Welcome! I am your host and guide, Angela B. Chrysler. Doors officially open at 10:00 AM EST on 7 April 2017 and stay open until to 10:00 PM EST 9 April 2017. Entrance is free, just come on in and browse. I recommend you start at the home page of this website, which act as our virtual “Main Room.” There, all the main attractions have gathered. Authors are scheduled to appear in the Book Showcase where a new author makes an appearance every 30 minutes.

While the Book Showcase is going on in the Forums, we also have side events and panels scheduled to fill the three days. Some events go on all week like Aurelia’s Panel Discussions. Some events start early like Podcasts and interviews. This allows you to wander away from the Author Showcase, stop in at a competition, listen in to a podcast, play a game or two, enter a raffle, or settle down for story time. Browse to your heart’s content. These attractions are going on 24/7 for the full length of the Convention and are sorted by genre.

To help you find everything going on, we are providing you with a “map” … we’re building it. It will be downloadable and will also include links to all the events.


Wait! I want to help!

Wonderful! Go here and follow the directions!

Wait! I am an author who wants to be featured!

Excellent! Go here and follow the directions!


How is this organized?

We have sorted everything into three categories:

1 – Events… Consider looking up all the blog tours or all the podcasts.

2 – Platform… Only want to hang out here? Or want to check out only what’s happening on Facebook? We’re also categorizing everything by social media platform.

3 – Genre… Want to just see what’s happening in Fantasy? Or perhaps you only want to look into the romance? We have lists that help you find this.

Understanding what this is and how it works…

Let’s say this is you 🙂



And this oval… this represents the Convention.Cyber Con


You can’t see it, because everything is virtual, but if “virtual you” were to stand in the “virtual Convention” you would virtually see everything happening around you. Here… we’ll show you.

Cyber Con2

There! Most of these events are happening all three days of the convention. We’re in the process of breaking everything down for you so you can plan a schedule day by day and genre by genre. For now, grab your virtual popcorn and hang out.

Just show me the events related to the genre I love.

Not a problem! Select your genre below and we’ll take you to all the events relating to that genre. (Links coming soon)









Urban Fantasy

Paranormal romance



Science Fiction



Show me everything happening today only please.

7 April 2017

These schedules will be posted March 2017


8 April 2017

These schedules will be posted March 2017



9 April 2017

These schedules will be posted March 2017



Show me everything happening this weekend.

These reflect the events and locations of 2016 and 2017!

Blog Tours

Fairgrounds (Goodreads)


Live Coverage

Panel Discussions


Back Porch Writer

Showcase, The

Story Hop

Story Time

Takeovers (Facebook)


Cover Wars

Cosplay Contests (Book Character theme)


Lounge Friendly

The Cyber Convention works very well with those who prefer casually surfing. Grab a coffee, follow any path and enjoy!







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