Choose you workload. Design your own schedule.

We have a number of positions available to accommodate every schedule and work load. Registered authors can volunteer. Volunteers are allowed to register as a featured author.

Volunteer Positions Available


Panel Discussions Moderator

During the Panel Discussions, we have live moderators to facilitate the event. Each Panel has a maximum of 4 Guest Speakers.


  • Keeps the session to 30 minutes.
  • Keeps the discussion engaging and relevant.
  • Ensures every guest has the opportunity to be heard.
  • Monitors for racism, prejudice, slander, and abuse.

Customer Service

We have a whole customer service team dedicated to helping our guests. We provide the training to help you respond to emails we receive at info@braintobooks.com.


  • Event registration forms
  • Personal Liaison between author and event coordinators.
  • Available to respond to general inquiries.

Facebook Event Host

We need hosts for our Facebook events. Each event is four hours. Brain to Books provides the giveaways and posts.


  • Launch the event. Engage with guests.
  • Post giveaways and games. One every ten minutes for 4 hours.
  • Announce winners.
  • Monitors for racism, prejudice, slander, and abuse.


A recruit for the Brain to Books Cyber Convention within a specific genre. They encourage other authors to participate and/or volunteer. There is no minimum requirement involved. We provide banners for use on personal websites.

Genre Manager

Genre managers organize and facilitate events for their assigned genre.


  • Coordinate with Event Host to create genre events
  • Track genre events and activities
  • Maintaining hyperlinks to all the genre-related events.
  • Author scheduling for registered events


Volunteer Submission Guidelines

  • Volunteers receive a 33% coupon discount.
  • Volunteers must join the Brain to Books for Beginners Facebook Group.
  • Volunteers are responsible for composing their own work schedule
  • Volunteers are free to work as little or as much as they want.
  • Volunteers are responsible for completing the assignments they volunteer for on time.
  • Volunteers are responsible for keeping up to date on news and changes
  • Volunteers are required to notify Angela B. Chrysler if they need more assistance with their volunteer position.

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