B2BCyCon 2020

17, 18, & 19 April 2020 is the 6th Annual B2BCyCon

Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo!

Easter Sunday is 12 April 2020

Passover is 8 – 16 April 2020

Register for 2020 B2BCyCon Here

6th Annual B2B Cyber Convention & Book Expo

2015: Angela B. Chrysler launched the first Brain to Books Cyber Convention & Book Expo (B2BCyCon)

2016:  B2BCyCon returned, uniting 800 readers and authors from 18 countries.

2017:  Instafreebie and ProWritingAid joined the number of collaborations working with Brain to Books.

2018:  B2BCyCon returned!

2019: Due to personal complications, Angela B. Chrysler handed the reins to Timothy Bateson who teamed up with Richard White, AF Stewart, and OWS.

2020: We cordially invite you to be a part of the 6th annual B2BCyCon and Book Expo!

Brain to Books Cyber Convention is different than any other Convention you’ve been to!

1 – Our event is 100% Online

This means for you: 

  • There is absolutely, no need to purchase airfare or event tickets to attend our convention.
  • Have access to hundreds of authors co-hosting events around the globe.
  • During this 72-hour event, you may visit, participate, and/or shop whenever you choose.

2 – Events are 100% free!

Become a featured author at our event. We understand that renting a table at a traditional event can be costly.  Our goal is to bring people together to share their love of story.  Browse our catalog for this year’s events and sign up!

3 – A Little Something for Everyone

  • For Authors: Whether you  need help developing an idea or growing your platform, let us introduce you to some of the sharpest and the most innovative minds. Regardless of your experience at promoting your product, Brain to Books provides a deluge of events to choose from.  The ideas and options are limitless.
  • For Readers: The theme is books!  Listen to a reading, browse shelves, or enter drawings.  Find new authors and discover some exclusive content from others. For 72 hours, let us entertain you!
  • For Bloggers: We have plenty to blog about. Join or collaborate with our B2B Bloggers.  We recommend getting involved before the B2BCycon to cross-promote.
  • For Volunteers: Become a volunteer and take your experience beyond reader and writer.

Setting up your event at  B2BCYCON is easy!

Click here to get started.

The Fine Print
Participation in any and all Brain to Books events does not guarantee a change in sales. While some authors have reported an increase in sales, this is not something we guarantee. While readers do attend the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, Brain to Books should be viewed as a networking/marketing event to boost your visibility and strengthen your relationship within the publishing community. Any increase in sales you may see as a result of Brain to Books is to be viewed as a bonus for participation. If you do see an increase in sales due to the Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, feel free to share your results with us.

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