Cybill Cain

Cybill Cain, Amazon Top 100 selling author of sweet filthy romances to tuck you in at night. She specializes in big strong handsome men who listen, and know their way around in the bedroom. Her heroines are filled with sass and brains. Her stories are filled with insta-love and wild memorable rides that start the second their eyes meet, and end in sweet glorious cheesy love filled HEA’s, like pastries for the mind.

Escape (Chimera Club Stories)

Escape (Chimera Club Stories)

Genre: Romance
Tags: Book Expo, New to CyCon

*Sometimes changing one thing can change everything.*Max Alexander, Hollywood’s king of the silver screen, has made hearts flutter all over the world. He’s just wrapped his latest blockbuster, and is planning to visit on old college friend in Switzerland when his plans unexpectedly change. To m...

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