Book Dreams (Volume #1) Brain to Books Anthology

Welcome to “Book Dreams”

“To create is to dream

To write is to build

Come join us on our journey

Along paths both known and unknown”


So begins the first Brain to Books Anthology. Within these pages, Brain to Books presents a collection of short stories and poems from an assortment of uprising authors. From Eorthe to Earth. From werewolves to dragons, here you’ll find adventure, love, sorrow, remorse, retribution, and so much more.

Authors include Ani H. Manjikian, Adam Dreece, W.J. Howard, Toi Thomas, Timothy Bateson, Laura McHale Holland, Ash Krafton, Charlene Diane Jones, Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra, Sanzaki Kojika, Tyrean Martinson, C.T. Callahan, and Angela B. Chrysler


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Inside the Book

Ying to Yang a poem by Ani H. Manjikian

Snappy and Dashing by Adam Dreece

Richelle Pieman is her genius grandfather’s right hand, and a formidable force in her own right. With having helped deliver a potentially mortal blow to their rival secret society, the Tub, in Breadcrumb Trail (The Yellow Hoods, #2), Richelle’s looking forward to a ride home filled with paperwork and planning for the next stage of the family’s plans. However someone has other plans for her, and how does this tie to her past?

A stand-alone novelette, and fantastic complement to Breadcrumb Trail, welcome to Snappy and Dashing!

Road to Nowhere by WJ Howard

What’s a girl to do when she find herself lost on a rural highway? Text her sister? Consult the GPS? Whatever her choice, there’s only one way to exit a road to nowhere.

From the Inside by Toi Thomas

Eric finds himself trapped inside an ever changing box with only his mentor Victor to help him get out. The thing is, Victor’s been keeping a secret that just may be the answer to their salvation.

April Fool by Timothy Bateson

There is something stirring in the Eldarwyld, and it is not pleasant.
Dragged into the realm of the Fae, and forced to shift into his wolf form, Art Kiger is far from happy. But can he retain his humanity despite the quest he is sent on, and the bargains he must make in order to return home?


The Quilt of Belonging by Laura McHale Holland

A young mother who is inept at sewing must design a quilt square for her daughter’s annual preschool fundraiser. She contributes something she is certain will make her feel like more of an outcast that she already does. In the process, she learns something important about belonging.

Anamnesis by Ash Krafton

When the past comes back to haunt you, sometimes the least of your problems are the ghosts.A woman’s mundane life is suddenly turned upside down when a mysterious stranger gives her back the memories he’d hidden from her fifteen years ago.

She remembers more than their dangerous past together–she remembers his magic and how he used it against her. That magic would be a dangerous weapon in the hands of a mother who would do anything to protect her son…even if faced with the father who’s come back to claim him.

The Archive of Sinners: Priti  by Sanzaki Kojika

No one wants to be responsible for her sister, especially when that sister is a succubus coming into her powers.  Priti travels to Chicago on the trail of her out-of-control little sister Rati, only to realize she might not be enough to face another succubus alone.

Here There Be Dragons! By Tyrean Martinson

Here There Be Dragons!
Two requisition specialists find a trail to a dragon’s hoard. Might this be a little too easy? One partner is sure of success while the other harbors doubts.

Through My Eyes by C.T. Callahan 

Retribution Served by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

Retribution, when served, can take quite an unexpected turn.


Mother/Earth a poem by Charlene Diane Jones

Continuum a poem by Charlene Diane Jones

The Unborn Dreaming the Born a poem by Charlene Diane Jones

My Sea of Dreams a poem by Angela B. Chrysler


About our Authors

Ani H. Manjikian

Ani is all-around person with the technical knowledge and analytical mind of a programmer, creative and detailed orientation of a writer, and aesthetic instincts of a photographer. Her innate ability to learn new computer programs with minimal instruction and need to be creative led to her current long-term stint as a web designer and developer. Learn More
More of a prose writer than a poet, Ani is working on a novel series entitled Stars of Heros as well as a few other ideas, including a YA fantasy. Stars of Heros spans from the 19th Century to the 26th Century and beyond. The series title is a tribute to, and a word play on, the main themes in the books: horses, space, family, and heroes.


Adam Dreece

Adam Dreece is not sorry for being Canadian (sorry) and has been accused of never having heard a pun he didn’t like. It is strongly suspected that given his vivid worlds and prolificness, he must have at least three smaller authors held captive inside him, all of whom are under the belief they will be freed if they write fast enough. Learn More


W.J. Howard

W.J. Howard writes dark stories mixed with comedy for all ages. Her main focus is creating action-packed stories for young and new adults who are looking for books as fast paces as video games. Her stories feature unique and memorable characters everyone can relate to. She has watched countless horror movies since the age of six, and has become addicted to any form of media that aims to scare. In her spare time she hangs out with her husband and two cunning beagles in the beautiful state of Colorado. Learn More

Toi Thomas

Toi Thomas is a teacher, wife, mom to furry and scaly babies, and a geek girl. She enjoys reading, cooking, collecting vinyl, and sharing stories from her ToiBox of Words, her blog home on the web. The ToiBox of Words:

Timothy Bateson

Timothy Bateson is a writer who broke into the market in 2014, with three short stories being featured in Halloween and science-fiction anthologies. In 2016, Bateson self-published a re-release of “Under A Hunter’s Moon”, the first of a several stories set in the “Shadows Over Seattle” world, which he co-writes with his wife, Sandi.

Bateson is also a blogger who often spotlights books and fellow indie authors, alongside his other interests, such as the Brain to Books Cyber Convention events, falconry, journaling, quotes, and reading.

More about Bateson’s writing can be found at, or at his blog






Ash Krafton

International bestselling author Ash Krafton is a writer of all things spec fic. She believes spectacular endings make the best beginnings… Why not? One billion black holes can’t be wrong.

The second bravest thing she’s ever done was volunteering to go first when her Girl Scout troop visited a High Ropes challenge course somewhere back in the eighties. (Thankfully, few photos exist.) The third bravest thing was wearing her purple Colin Stuart boots with the extreme stiletto heel to her kids’ school open house one year. (Three floors, all steps, no brakes.) The top of the Brave Things list, however, remains to be written.

Contact Ash through her website

And don’t forget to say hello to her alter ego, AJ Krafton, who writes New Adult speculative fiction. AJ’s début book The Heartbeat Thief, can be found here.

Sanzaki Kojika

Fawn Szymoniak, aka “Sanzaki Kojika,” has been a resident of the fantasy world from a young age, growing up in a house full of books and mythology. Writing and drawing are second nature for her, which lead to the publishing of several novels and graphic novels. Learn more

Laura McHale Holland

Whether penning a memoir, writing fiction, or telling stories live, Laura McHale Holland’s aim as an artist is to engage people and touch them in ways that matter. Resilient Ruin, a coming of age memoir published in November 2016, is Laura’s fourth book. Previously, she released a childhood memoir, a collection of flash fiction and an anthology, all of which won awards. Visit Laura for a free eBook!

Tyrean Martinson

C.T. Callahan

C.T. Callahan the author of young adult fantasy, sci-fi, and a weird assortment of short stories. Hailing from a mixed-racial background, they’ve pledged their writing to contribute to the spread of diversity in fiction and the fight for equality. Learn More

More by this author:
The House Across the Street (short story)
Plastic Wings (novel)

Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

Ms. Alonso-Sierra is the author of two romantic suspense novels, The Coin and The Book of Hours, and the short story anthology The Fish Tank: And Other Short Stories. She holds a Masters in English literature and has worked as a professional dancer, singer, journalist, and literature teacher. When not writing, she roams around to discover new places to set her novels. Learn More

Additional Note: Coming soon from the pen of Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra – a Detective Nick Larson mystery, Hanging Softly in the Night.


Angela B. Chrysler

Angela B. Chrysler is a writer, logician, philosopher, and die-hard nerd who studies theology, historical linguistics, music composition, and medieval European history in New York with a dry sense of humor and an unusual sense of sarcasm. She lives in a garden with her family and cats.
In 2014, Ms. Chrysler founded Brain to Books: the marketing promotional engine and online Encyclopedia for authors. A passionate gardener and incurable cat lover, Ms. Chrysler spends her days drinking coffee and writing beside a volume of Edgar Allan Poe who strongly influences her style to this day. When Ms. Chrysler is not writing, she enables her addictions to all things nerdy, and reads everything she can get her hands on no matter the genre. Occasionally, she finds time to mother her three children and debate with her life-long friend who she eventually married. Her writing is often compared to Tad Williams. Her influences are Edgar Allan Poe, The Phantom of the Opera, and Frankenstein. Learn more
























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