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Brain to Books was founded in October 2014 by Angela B. Chrysler in an effort to unite and organize undiscovered authors. Today, under the Brain to Books brand, Ms. Chrysler helps other undiscovered authors learn the ins and outs of marketing and publishing. by providing the very thing undiscovered authors need: opportunity. With this in mind, the Brain to Books Cyber Convention was born.



After retracing my Google steps back to a misplaced article on query letter writing and platform building, I realized how much of a cluttered mess the internet was for a writer. The sources are there, but finding them is grueling work. Even voracious researchers like myself have found this process tasking. My solution evolved into Brain to Books: an online ready-made beginner’s manual for the aspiring author to find those helpful links right off so they can spend more time writing.

Writing is hard. Publication doesn’t have to be.

But I didn’t stop there.

On 15 October 2014, I decided to post my own publishing journey online where others could see and I called it, “Brain to Books.” What began as a “writing journal,” evolved into a promotional engine. By April 2015, I launched the 2015 Brain to Books Cyber Convention, which collected little more than 150 authors to showcase their books online. It became a cyber Expo through Goodreads modeled after the Sci-fi Convention—only it was free… and online.

1 July 2015, I hosted the “Brain to Books Book Blast” where I punched out more than 60 authors in one day for “Indie Pride Day.” And on 25 July 2015, I launched the 35-day long blog tour featuring 150+ authors and hundreds of books shared over 15 blogs. All of this, we crammed into one tour. It. Was astounding.

As the Blog Tour settled down, I launched Brain to Books Bloggers. Soon after, I founded the “Starving Artist Foundation” which isn’t really a foundation. The name was just catchy.

In the end, regardless of what Brain to Books is used for, it has always stood by one belief. Author promotion should be free. We’re all struggling to make a dime. Most of us spent our last dime on an ISBN, cover art, or an editor. Many others skipped out on the cover art or editor because we had no money. Most of us have no money left to throw into promotion and advertising.

Writing is hard. Publication doesn’t have to be.

In my world, knowledge is free. I adore and embrace the era when returning a kindness was payment enough. At its core, this is what Brain to Books is about. If you’re interested in signing up for any or all of my promotional events, become a member. You are warmly invited to join the clan.

May the kindest of words always find you.

Angela B. Chrysler


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