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B2BCyCon 2018 Patty Maximini

by  Patty Maximini “You kissed me,” he said, in between chuckles. Emily groaned and covered her burning face. “Not that. Don’t say things like that. Besides, I didn’t kiss you, I kissed your cheek.” Taylor couldn’t understand why she was so embarrassed by such an innocent and sweet display of affection, but it was very

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B2BCyCon 2018 The Dead Game

THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist Linda passed the empty tables by the tall windows when she felt her arm being tugged. Before she could react, she found herself being dragged through the open patio doors and onto the isolated garden path. Linda came face to face with the mighty Wolf and his trusted companion,

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Shadow Stalker

Shadow Stalker by Renee Scattergood   “How brave are you feeling at the moment?” I narrowed my eyes even though she couldn’t see me. She was scheming, which meant I would, no doubt, end up in trouble. “Why?” “Can Kado hear you?” “Most likely.” “Okay, well that explains your short answers. What if we were

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B2BCyCon 2018 A Moment Before Midnight

A Moment Before Midnight (A Naverro Vampire Tale) By Aziza Sphinx CHAPTER ONE    Pain snatched Nicolay from the darkness, his hands immediately going to his throat. Frantically he searched for any marks, any sign that what he had just experienced was real. For centuries nothing had disturbed the Dark Slumber. The intricate part of him inherited

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B2BCyCon 2018 Appointment With Death

Appointment With Death Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels #4 By Timothy Bateson one Break-In October 31st, 2013 This is the report of Officer Agnetta Dottasen, West Precinct of the Settle Police Department. At approximately twenty-thirty hours, I was driving southbound on Queen Anne Avenue North, listening to the radio chatter between dispatch and other units. My

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2018 B2BCyCon Druids

Druids by Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl Chapter One: Inside Peregrine Montgomery Families like Peregrine’s were stuck in a portrait. Somebody had painted the Montgomerys the way they were supposed to be a few years ago, too long for him to remember not long enough to let him believe that there could be more to life.

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