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Ashley Marie Nestler

Ashley Nestler is the author of “Beautiful Nightmare”, “Into The Fog”, and “Behind Broken Glass Walls, as well as numerous short stories and poems. Ashley is an educator on writing and she critiques and reviews books of all kinds. As the founder of Literary Vacation Club – a book subscription that features lesser-known novels and items to tantalize all 5 senses – she has established a new way for smaller authors to get their work into the hands of readers.

Beautiful Nightmare
Behind Broken Glass Walls
Assaph Mehr

Assaph has had his nose in a book since he was five, so it wasn’t surprising that he turned to writing. All those years reading on ancient Rome, sci-fi, fantasy, and mysteries while practicing various martial arts, travelling the world, and working odd jobs lead to some interesting combinations in his stories.

Murder In Absentia: Togas, Daggers, and Magic (Felix the Fox Book 1)
Dreamtime Dragons
Ken Farmer

Ken Farmer didn’t write his first full novel until he was sixty-nine years of age. He often wonders what the hell took him so long. At age seventy-six…he’s currently working on novel number twenty …COLDIRON. Ken spent thirty years raising cattle and quarter horses in east Texas and forty-five years as a professional actor, performing in 15 major motion pictures, over 50 TV shows and MOWs and he quit counting commercials at 350. All of that after a stint in the Marine Corps. Those years gave him a background for storytelling…or as he has been known to say, “I’ve always been a bit of a bull—t artist, so writing novels kind of came naturally once it occurred to me I could put my stories down on paper.” Ken’s writing style has been likened to a combination of Louis L’Amour and Terry C. Johnston with an occasional Hitchcockian twist…now that’s a mouthful. He has won several national awards for his novels: The Nations – Laramie Award – Best Classic Western – 2014 and Haunted Falls – Laramie Award – Best Action Western – 2013. In addition to his love for writing fiction, he likes to teach acting, voice-over and writing workshops. Ken’s favorite expression is: “Just tell the damn story.” Writing has become Ken’s second life: he has been a Marine, played collegiate football at Stephen F. Austin State University, been a Texas wildcatter, cattle and horse rancher, professional film and TV actor and now…a novelist. Who knew? Contact me at: www.kenfarmer-author.net or www.facebook.com/KenFarmerAuthor/

Hell Hole (The Nations Book 3)
Aurali Red (The Nations Book 9)
Flynn (The Nations Book 8)
Blue Water Woman (The Nations Book 7)
LADY LAW (The Nations Book 6)
K.M. Pohlkamp

K.M. Pohlkamp is a proud mother of two, a blessed wife to the love of her life, and a Mission Control flight controller for NASA. Originally from Wisconsin, she now resides in Houston, Texas. Her debut historical thriller, Apricots and Wolfsbane, follows the career of a female poison assassin in 1500’s/Tudor England.

Apricots and Wolfsbane
Margena Adams Holmes

Margena Adams Holmes was born in Bellflower, CA sometime in the 1960s. She has always had a love for both reading and writing, writing her first song/poem in 1st grade. She read the Little House series of books several times until the covers fell off, then as an adult, read the Harry Potter series until the covers fell off. She also loves Sandra Brown’s novels as well as biographies. As a writer, Margena is an observer of life, and many everyday things could (and do!) end up in her writings. Attending concerts, working her “real” job, and even the Weather Channel has helped Margena in many of her novels. Most recently, her novels have turned to science fiction, where she could “create anything and have the characters go anywhere, because it’s my world”. Always looking for writing opportunities, Margena has written for and put together several newsletters for her employer and her church, and wrote several poems in high school which were either published in the yearbook or presented at school functions. Margena has written for Examiner.com, Kapost, and the now-defunct Yahoo Contributor Network, where she earned the title of Top 500 Contributor for her story on the Black Forest fires in Colorado. She currently lives in Colorado with her family, where she enjoys hiking, photography, singing, scrapbooking, and couponing. She also loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and going to the Renaissance Festival each year. Although she is in Colorado, she still supports her Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Dear Moviegoer: Tales from Behind the Velvet Curtains
The Elixir War
Brenda Mohammed

Brenda Mohammed, a former banker, is an award-winning, multi-genre writer and a cancer survivor. In 2013, Brenda wrote her first book, “I am Cancer Free”, after her near death experience with cancer. She wanted to tell the world that cancer is not a death sentence, but a battle that you have to fight and win. Her travel opportunities, thanks to her banking job, has helped Brenda with the creative process of an author. Her book “Travel Memoirs with Pictures: Exploring the world” is a travelogue compiling all her picturesque travels around the globe. Brenda is blessed with a supportive family and acknowledging friends who have encouraged her throughout her life and her writing career

Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy
Ska St. Julian

Ska came up with her first
story idea at age four: something about a magic panel in the wall that people could hide things in, and there were cats involved. She used to teach writing in local NYC colleges, and has since settled into a semi-exciting life writing promo materials and back
covers for non-fiction. Hobbies revolve around reading and writing, but definitely not arithmetic. Some of her cat characters and their friends create sleep for you and spread general kitty havoc at https://twitter.com/MysteryCatSleep . You may even contact Ska there.

The Basket of Seeds
Jennifer B. Monahan

Jennifer B. Monahan is a business strategy consultant turned Mayan-trained shaman who helps people live courageously authentic lives through coaching, shamanism, online courses, her books and other activities. Her first book, This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution, has received six literary awards. Her second book is due out in fall 2018. Originally from New England, she currently splits her time between San Francisco, CA and Guatemala and provides services to clients in the United States and internationally. You can contact her at Jennifer.Monahan@SpiritEvolution.co.

This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution



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