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Pick. Choose. Enter them all.

Winners of the Physical Mass Book Giveaways will be posted here 8 April 2018

  • Fantasy (Classic) Giveaway: And the winner is…..
  • Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Giveaway: And the winner is…..
  • Science Fiction Giveaway: And the winner is…..
  • Romance/Paranormal Romance Giveaway: And the winner is…..
  • Historical Fiction Giveaway: And the winner is…..
  • Horror/Thriller Giveaway: And the winner is…..
  • Mystery/Suspense Giveaway: And the winner is…..



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Browse the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Giveaway

Browse the Science Fiction Giveaway

Browse the Romance/Paranormal Romance Giveaway

Browse the Historical Fiction Giveaway

Browse the Horror/Thriller Giveaway

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Books in the Fantasy (Classic) giveaway

  • The Breathing Sea I: Burning by E.P. Clark
  • Fire At Dawn (The Trials of the Clans Book One) by Ed Ireland
  • Sgarrwrath (Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope) by Sarah Kennedy
  • Arising (Prophecy of Hope Book 1) by Sarah Kennedy
  • The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm Illustrated Book For Teens by Sybrina Durant

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Books in the Urban Fantasy giveaway

  • Immortal Heirs  by Jodie Pierce
  • P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer
  • Feeding Frenzy by Maaja Wentz
  • Our Lady of the Various Sorrows by Victoria Raschke
  • Rising Tide: Dark Innocence by Claudette Melanson
  • Ghosts of Tamgrove Hall by Jack Massa

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Books in the Historical Fiction giveaway

  • The Guns of Frank Eaton by David Althouse and John Burlinson
  • Texas Vigilante: An Ellie Taine Thriller by Bill Crider and John Burlinson
  • Outrage at Blanco by Bill Crider and John Burlinson
  • Lost Lady of Laramie by Robert Vaughan and John Burlinson
  • Dog Soldier Moon by McKendree Long and John Burlinson

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Books in the Romance giveaway

  • Beautiful Nightmare: Some Dreams Become Your Reality by A.M. Nestler
  • Blasted Bloomers by Maaja Wentz
  • Circle of Lies by Fiona Riplee

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Books in the Science Fiction giveaway

  • First Encounter by Connie Cockrell
  • The Korpes File by J. I. Rogers
  • The Furlites of Arioriel: Furlitian Short Tales by Marie J. S. Phillips
  • Asante’s Gullah Journey by S. A. Gibson

Enter for a chance to win the Science Fiction Mass Giveaway

You must be a Brain to Books member to participate in our giveaways. By providing your email address in our giveaway, you agree to becoming a Brain to Books member and having your email address added to the Brain to Books mailing list: The Book Cave. Read more abut Membership.

Authors who have submitted a book for the giveaway may not enter the Physical Giveaway and will be removed from the giveaway prior to selecting a winner. Submit your book.


Rules for entering…

  • You may enter all giveaways once. You may not enter a single giveaway more than once. One entry per person per giveaway.
  • Duplicate entries entered under a single drawing will be disqualified.
  • Spam entries are strictly prohibited and will be disqualified from the drawing.
  • Invalid Email addresses will be disqualified from the drawing. You must respond to the email we send you after we announce the winner and you MUST respond to collect your winnings. Failure to respond by 11 April 2017 will force us to select a new winner and you forfeit your winnings.
  • See something you like? These titles and more are available in our Book Expo on  7, 8, & 9 April 2017. Save the Date and we’ll email you when CyCon opens!


How the Giveaway Works…

Brain to Books hosts the Giveaway. Authors are responsible for getting their submission(s) to the winners no later than 10 June 2017. Authors select which format to award winners after the winners are announced (this is because many formats depend on winner’s country of origin and shipping expense). 

The giveaways are global. Winners are selected on 8 April 2018. We will email authors the winner’s contact information on 9 April 2018. All other entries are deleted. All books must be received by the winners no later than 10 June 2018.

Our authors are global and many are not sure which format they can offer a winner until they see what country they are shipping to. For this reason, many of our giveaways are a random pot of gold, so to speak. You may be awarded book formats that are not eligible in your country. You may win eBook formats that do not match your eReaders.

Any given title may be awarded via Smashword, ePub, MOBI, PDF, paperback, and/or audio book. Authors will be provided with the winner’s email address and their physical address so they can ship the winnings to the winners.

See what’s being in the Giveaway

Amor Vincit Omnia: An Anthology of Love, Beauty & Romance
Good Things: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

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