Brain to Books welcomes Instafreebie!

Humans need story. We crave it, depend on it, and, when it’s missing, we seek it out and create our own.

– Angela B. Chrysler


Just Authors

Brain to Books is author owned, author run, and author built. Via word of mouth, we have brought our author/reader communities together. We are one of you. Our owner and volunteers are 100% undiscovered authors who have pooled their education, experience, skills, and talents to help each other reach the stars.


Our Fight for Literacy

Brain to Books is owned and operated year-round by one person: Angela B. Chrysler. To know Ms. Chrysler, is to know Brain to Books and the foundation that Brain to Books was built on.

Angela B. Chrysler grew up without books. In 1996, she found an old opera house turned library in her town and that is where Ms. Chrysler came to love books. Ms. Chrysler knows, first hand, what it is like to live without books.

To this day, Ms. Chrysler is a huge supporter of literacy and will do anything in her power to get books into the hands of readers. She can not throw books away, no matter how worn out, forgotten, and/or faded they are. Every book is as precious as the last…including yours.



In 2017, Brain to Books collaborated with InstaFreebie to bring our authors a smoother, more successful giveaway experience. Joining InstaFreebie is free and opens up an opportunity to join all Brain to Books eBook giveaways and grow your author community and reader reach, helping you get your books into the hands of more readers. Create your free InstaFreebie Author account now!

Dear Authors,

We are so excited to be collaborating with Brain to Books! For those who don’t know us, Instafreebie is the place for you to connect with new fans and expand your readership!

Instafreebie was created in 2014 with a mission to accelerate great stories and big ideas. As the book world’s leading platform for exclusive access to sneak peeks, advance previews, and special giveaways, we live our mission every day and give readers a chance to SEE IT FIRST™.

Instant Connection
For our author partners, See It First means an instant connection to engaged fans in our rapidly growing reader community. Instafreebie builds the trusted and lasting connection to the right readers–the ones authors knew were there all along.

Freedom to Discover
For our reader community, See It First means having the freedom to explore and discover authors they’ll love–the ones readers were hoping for all along. Exclusive access to great stories and big ideas before anyone else lets readers See It First before they buy, before they review, and before they share with friends and family.

We are so excited to be working with Brain to Books, many new authors, and the Instafreebie community!


The Instafreebie Team

Events! Events! Events!

Brain to Books authors don’t wait around looking for opportunity. We create our own. Here is what we offer.

  • The Annual Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo is hosted every April. 2018 marks our fourth year. Authors from around the world pool their resources to create the world’s largest online author convention and book expo. Enjoy this annual online trade show from the comfort of your own home. Learn More →


  • Giveaways and sales are everywhere during the holiday season. Every year, Brain to Books does what we can to organize authors and readers for one giant giveaway per genre. Learn More →


  • Year-round, Brain to Books offers authors the opportunity to organize their own blog tours. With over 200 bloggers on hand, authors are invited to request a tour. Brain to Books takes that request and notifies the blogger community. Bloggers in need of content contact the authors whose book(s) matches their audience. Some authors have reported upwards of 14 blogs organized in less than a week. It’s win for the author, win for the blogger, and win for Brain to Books who gets more books, your books, into the hands of readers. Learn More →


  • Membership is free. Become a Brain to Books member and watch your inbox for news, updates, and upcoming events that can help you build your platform and find more readers. Learn More →


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