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 2016 Testimonials

“If you are a writer looking to boost your marketing, if you are interested in books take a moment to check in with Angela B. Chrysler or myself one of the mods for B2BCYberCon for 2017. This year’s CyberCon I saw a 600% increase in units moved…you read that right, 600% uptick. Those who know me know I don’t blow smoke and am the world’s worst sales person. So to increase your marketing ability, to meet warm, helpful writers and readers, to belong with a group of renegades who believe marketing for writers is [affordable,] join the B2BCyberCon for 2017. You will be given much support, should you accept this mission…oh, yeah, and you’ll have the chance to be on panels with people that will make you laugh and laugh. I hope to meet you soon!” – Charlene Diane Jones of Soul Sciences


“B2BCyCon was virtual for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to travel. I got as much out of the virtual convention as I’ve ever gotten out of an actual one and didn’t have to spend a cent… Looking forward to 2017. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this all was.” – Devorah Fox


“I had a fantastic time… Awesome live feeds! Fantastic Facebook events! Great booths with wonderful and friendly authors! …and so much more! -Rainne


“This weekend was so much fun I loved it! I am definitely coming back next year.” – Maddy


“This was my first cyber convention as well. Such a fantastic experience, I’m definitely returning next year, hopefully with more books to offer!” – Narayan


“I most certainly will recommending it to all my friends.” – David


“This was my first books cyber convention that I joined since I became an author. It was a fun and full of learnings experience. I enjoyed it a lot. Congrats to the team and to the organizers behind this big success.” – Cherry


“One of the best – if not THE best – marketing tools for the Indie Author! From the sharpest mind I know, Angela puts together a tour de force here on Goodreads. Think of it as the Woodstock of books. Three days of Peace, love and artistic mayhem in an organized package.”- Ed


“The Brain to Books Con was the best book convention I have ever gone to. Not only was I able to meet other authors and share my own work with them, but I was also able to reach out to authors in order to review them for my blog. I loved being able to meet other authors to help market them, and I made a lot of friends as well! It was so wonderful being able to talk about my work with others and I am so excited to have won the Fantasy Jackpot. All books I receive will be getting a review on my blog” – Ashley

From the writing desk of Timothy Bateson

Fuzzy Notions of an Insomniac by Joe Compton

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Brain to Books Cyber Convention by Kori D. Miller

Monday Slush Brain by Ani M.

The Day After by Angela B. Chrysler

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