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  • Round 1 – Runs April 6th 12:30am-11:30pm (EST)
  • Round 2 – Runs April 7th 12:30am-11:30pm (EST)
  • Semi-Finals – Runs April 8th 12:30am-11:30pm (EST)
  • Final – Runs April 9th 12:30am-11:30pm (EST)

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Blog Tour

Blog Tour #1

Want to meet more villains from other awesome Urban Fantasy writers? The Villain Crawl continues…

  • Author Susanne Leist on Susanne Leist: A  human vampire steals Linda’s heart. He taunts and teases her, but will she succumb to his desires?
  • Author K. Matt on Welcome to Hell Bent: Three brief interviews with three different villains: a genetically-altered serial killer, a centuries-old, supreme luddite of a mage, and a cyborg/arms dealer.
  • Author Debbie Manber Kupfer on Paws 4 Thought: Alistair is a werewolf seeking justice. When his mentor sends him on his first mission he knows who the victim must be.
  • Author Maaja Wentz on Maaja Wentz: Necromancers are the unsung heroes of the undead world in FEEDING FRENZY. Find out why you should worship the fungus among us when the Entity rises!
  • Author Rebekah Jonesy on Heart Strong: Leucosia, siren daughter of Achelous, is sick. And very hungry. With her health deteriorating she is forced to subsist on the softest human flesh, but she has a plan.
  • Author Aziza Sphinx from on Aziza Sphinx Into the Dark: My name is Emiliano Ortega. I didn’t ask to be a paw in Truth’s game yet here I am playing the Reaper when all I want to do is sleep.
  • Author Anastasia Poirier on Anastasia Poirier Author and Editor: My main antagonist is Ecrin. Her villainous path is a bit ambiguous. She’s good and she’s bad…but the why remains to be revealed. Mostly, she’s misunderstood and she’s acting out of desperation. I modeled her appearance after Tilda Swinton’s character in The Only Lovers Left Alive.
  • Author Tiffany Apan on My Haven on this Desolate Terrain: A 19th century Romanian aristocrat who takes pleasure in seeing those beneath him suffer…

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Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Sacrificed (Book 3 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)
Feeding Frenzy: Curse of the Necromancer (Loon Lake Magic Book 1)
Son of the Rock
P.A.W.S. (The P.A.W.S. Saga Book 1)
Ward: Book One in the Ward Series
A Moment Before Midnight (A Naverro Vampire Tale Book 1)
Under A Hunter’s Moon: Shadows Over Seattle: Prequel 1 (Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels)
Dead Like Stars: A Vampire Novel: Bloodlife Series: Book One
Fluffy Bunny: Runespell Series: Book 2
Angel Crush
The Basket of Seeds
Lady Blackwing: A Fantasy/Science Fiction Mini
Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) (Volume 1)
Worlds Apart
Circle of Lies (Alien Prophecies Book 1)
Too Wyrd: Runespell Series: Book 1
Who By Water (Voices of the Dead Book 1)
Prophecy of Three: Book One of The Starseed Trilogy
Awakened (Book 2 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)
Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy)

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