Choose you workload. Design your own schedule.

We have a number of positions available to accommodate every schedule and work load. Registered authors can volunteer. Volunteers are allowed to register as a featured author.

Volunteer Positions Available

We are looking for individuals who want to be here because they have a passion for helping others and truly believe in what we do here. There is no compensation for this position. If you value pride and a sense of joy in helping others then we want you. You must be able to work on your own and you must be ready to socialize.

Know all the ways you can volunteer

Volunteers must be leaders, able and willing to work on their own. Be ready to use Excel Spreadsheets and Google forms.

  1. Quality Control: Those in charge of quality control spend 18 March to CyCon checking B2BCyCon.com for broken links, spelling/grammatical errors, incorrect information, and/or missing information. Volunteers for Quality Control are expected to comb through the site like a reader and just hunt for errors and broken links.
  2. Event host: We have one rule at Brain to Books: If you think it, must be willing to host it or find someone who will. We simply don’t have the staffing to adopt ideas that come in from authors. Volunteers who organize their own idea and shape it into an event. They do not have to be a genre manager or own their own business. Event hosts are encouraged to touch base with their genre managers for assistance.
  3. Genre Manager: Easily one of the most time consuming and intellectually stimulating position in CyCon. Genre Managers will receive little guidance and are expected to organize and execute their own ideas. Genre Managers build Blog Hops, Cover Wars, and Character Tournaments. They host panel discussions and organize anything else they wish to put together for their elected genre. Genre Managers must know how to use Brackify.com, Zoom.com, Goodreads, Facebook, YouTube, Google Hangouts, and Excel Spreadsheets. They need to have a working knowledge of webcams and email. They must have management skills and/or experience of leading large groups of people. The complexity of this position is in direct relation to the number of registered authors. Genre Managers lead anywhere from 8 to 50 authors for eight weeks. Genre Managers must be ready to reach out to authors by February and should be in direct contact with authors almost weekly from March to April. Expect to work more than 20 hours a week in February, March, and April.
  4. Collaborator: If own your own company/program and/or host events, and you’re interested in bringing your events to CyCon, count us in! We are always interested in swapping advertising with other companies! GoIndieNow, Back Porch Writer, Instafreebie, ProWritingAid are great examples of this. Send your authors to us and we’ll happily send ours to you.


If you are interested in volunteering for B2BCyCon, take a moment and fill out this form.


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